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Bardo is a project and album of the same name by the excellent Slovak singer, lyricist, and composer Sisa Fehérová and Vladko Mikláš, a Slovak guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. The real term “bardo” comes from the Tibetan Book of the Dead and represents a kind of transitional state between death and rebirth. The recording will captivate the listener on the way to the poetic sound scripts of Sisa and Vlado, which think about the most diverse emotional states with one governing theme that connects the whole album and that is nature. The lyrics on the album were originally written by Sisa, especially during her time in the Slovak mountains, where she could meditate on the beauties and almost incomprehensible aspects of nature and also our place as a human being in the context of nature. The result is soft and subtle, but also very urgent. Both the album and the live performances will take the listener into the autonomous magical world of beautiful, minimalist and sophisticated sound palettes based on the layering of guitar sound and harmonic vocals and rhythmic waves. Songs and lyrics speak their own language. Moravian drummer Petr Nohavica joined Sisa & Vladko for live performances that have a beautiful but also urgent atmosphere. Sisa Feher is a Slovak multi-genre singer, she studied music in Prague and London, she has performed at many festivals and club stages throughout Europe. With her jazz / alternative quintet Feher Rocher, she has performed as a support for artists such as Richard Bona, Esperanza Spalding, Kurt Elling, Avishai Cohen Trio and many others. Vladko Mikláš works as a guitarist with Bert and Friends or composes music for projects of the modern circus Loosers Cirque Company or the jazz fusion formation Tryptych.



Vocals: Sisa Fehér

Guitar: Vladko Mikláš

Drums: Petr Nohavica