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The piano trio PRIM was formed in 2015 by three musicians steeped in Vienna’s vibrant music scene. Since then they have impressed critics and crowds alike with their progressive sound and technical virtuosity.The cultural landscape of Vienna – the world’s classical music capital – serves as an interesting background for their experimental but nonetheless accessible style. Their intriguing compositions and innovative use of the standard piano trio line-up differentiate them from standard jazz trios. Their debut album, More & Less Diminished, released in 2016 was described as demonstrating “how jazz in Austria can and should sound” ( One year later, the EP 40 Days proved the band’s willingness to constantly experiment with sounds and schemes to achieve great narrative quality.

Their second album, Garnet Tales, released in spring 2020, contains a compelling programme of original music, with influences as wide-ranging as J.S. Bach, 20th Century classical music and drum & bass.