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After the success of their first album Unmasked, Purple is the Color are back with EPIC, their second album to be released on the Viennese label Session Work Records. Whereas the first album was busy drawing lines between red and blue, the new record is now decidedly purple; here are four individuals who have crystallised into one fine-tuned organism. At the same time, the four musicians on EPIC are also telling their own story. A story about great ventures, of tensions and subtle withdrawals. But also, a story of painful new beginnings. “The Titanic had to sink in order to be reborn as a legend – just as a band sometimes needs to descend into the depths in order to find itself” says the bandleader Simon Raab.  Whether a musical epic or the unconditional commitment to the diversity of postmodernism, Purple is the Color’s new album is about the playful synthesis of ideas.